Autocorrection – the machine wins

You may have noticed that there are capitals appearing in my last Blogs and they will appear ever more frequently as I have decided to no longer fight the machine. I am going to let it fuck up my typing as it is just too time consuming to Keep correcting it.



Nine months on from WildScreW’s formation

Nine months. At the time of writing that’s how long the current  WildscreW has been together.

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for quite a few months and now, finally getting around to it, I have the problem of how to cover the past. I’ve decided to make this, the first “sticky” blog entry, a general overview of the past year and in the future, the blogs which are concerned with the past, will be marked with FLASHBACK (UPDATE: A nice idea but in reality I’ve had more than my work cut out keeping up with daily entries).

This blog simply aims to document events, from my perspective, about and around the rock band WildscreW. I certainly don’t know where this musical adventure will ultimately end-up, but I’d like to think we get at least one CD made and maybe some local air-time and fame.

It was the end of May 2014 that the final band member, Tobi on bass guitar, came to the practice session and joined Frank on drums, Erich and Thomas on rhythm/lead guitars, and myself, Andy, on vocals. Continue reading “Nine months on from WildScreW’s formation”