Andy here, so I’ll write in first person.

The only Wildscrew band member who didn’t play for SIX ’01 – although I did see them perform live a couple of times and was on the shortlist for an audition to replace their vocalist, Uwe, who’d decided to quit the group. The band split up before the audition took place.

I used to have an acoustic and electric guitar which I used to infrequently and amateurishly strum about on and was even, in 1983, aged 17, a member of a group, Guillotine. Guillotine, as singer/guitarist, was great fun, but more gear than idea, and we split up after about a year, but guitar and amp were dutifully relocated to my home in Germany and finally sold around 2001 – but that was due to sentimental reasons, not that I played in those score years.

Before Guillotine I was actually quite musically gifted at school, moving from the mandatory recorder in primary school to second, then first trumpet in an orchestra, aged eleven. Acting and singing through several school musicals including Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pirates Of Penzance” and as the Artful Dodger in an adaptation of Lionel Bart’s Oliver.

My musical interests were pretty muted – once or twice being obsessed for a couple of months with my Yamaha keyboard, until I was unexpectedly and spontaneously volunteered by a member of the ski group I was with, for a stage performance of Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” at a Didi Diesel show in Austria’s Sennhütte.

The performance went well, despite me being unsure of the words, and having to read-sing about half of them. It was the same ski group which ensured that I sang the years after that (until Didi’s depression which eventually led to his tragic suicide) and it was from word of mouth from the people in the ski group that Thomas learned that I could sing.

As for lyrics. I listen to a very restricted subset of songs (think AC/DC) and hardly ever listen to the radio. On the occasions when I hear a new song I am usually stunned at the primitive, unsophisticated lyrics. It got to the stage where I would listen to songs and think “Even I can write better lyrics than that!”. And so it was that I volunteered my lyric writing skills to Thomas, after he mentioned that he’d a few unique song melodies which he’d like English lyrics for.

Actually, in all honesty, my sister is by far and away the poet of the family, but I feel my efforts can certainly mix it with the best of what most of current popular songs have to offer – which isn’t hard.

Like music, I shied away from literature (of which I was very good at) soon after I started secondary school. I discovered that such skills were viewed as being effeminate amongst the male pupils, which quickly earned one scorn, and the occasional punch or kick to man one up, from said brethren.

My love affair with English was pretty much rekindled by my learning German. German is, for me, a native English speaker, unmasterable as a language. Struggling for many years to communicate in a foreign language lets one look anew at the mother tongue. In contrast to German’s rigidity, the many facets of English, its subtleness, flexibility, vocabulary make it ideal for song lyrics which are pleasant to the ear and able to be heard repeatedly without being repetitive or boring.

Andy is heavily influenced by Bon Scott and alcohol.

He was once, for a couple of years, Wild’s crew.


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