Band Practice

Yesterday’s band practice was cancelled. Thomas couldn’t make it, and Erich couldn’t make the Tuesday. Probably just as well, as I was down with a bug which gave me all the pleasures of a dry sore throat on Tuesday night. Continue reading “Band Practice”


Misheard-Lyrics: Highway To Hell

When I was writing about the style of one of my songs, I finished by arguing about the valid use of IT to start the song. My ultimate argument was effectively, if a famous song has already used the lyrical construct, then it can’t be a bad thing. I finished up the blog entry by stating that AC/DC’s “Touch Too Much” uses such a device, but actually planned to state “Highway To Hell”. Continue reading “Misheard-Lyrics: Highway To Hell”

Songwriting-TIP: Specifics

By specifics I mean applying, as far as is possible, descriptive words and phrases. A problem for the songwriter is that the ideas being written about are known to them but must be expressed to the listeners.

Here are two examples from “On My Own”. The first example replaces an indefinite description of a long time with a definite description of an age, and the second example tightens up the lyrics to transmit more and relevant information to the listener.