Singing Voice

As I have already mentioned, I don’t consider myself a strong singer and when Thomas asked me to sing for the band, I was wondering what voice I should sing. I imagined I’d try my Robbie Williams impression, or try my best to immitate Bon Scott. Continue reading “Singing Voice”


Band practice

Yesterdays band practice was once more with everyone taking part, although Erich will be away on holiday, and able to make the next practice on the 17th of July. Frank has another job offer and so the planned appointment with the recording studio in November looks to be in the balance, but work must come before pleasure.

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Band Practice

I arrived early (which was a surprise as Frankfurt was blocked with non J.P.Chase participants leaving the city at the same time as trade fair visitors. I set up my amp and laptop and decided to collect the beer empties, planning to purchase replacements, and noticed that all the bottles and crates were covered with dirt – the type that betrays it has been deposited by water. One of the stools was also covered – I assumed there had been heavy rain with the door open, and the dirt had splashed up from the floor. Continue reading “Band Practice”

Next songs

As already mentioned, earlier in the week Kirk sent a link to a recording studio’s tips for a band which is about to go to the recording studio. In yesterdays band practice Thomas mentioned that he noticed they recommend we go with more songs than we plan to record – and so we decided, in Erich’s absence, to have twelve in the repertoire. Continue reading “Next songs”