Band practice: Nice!

It’s been almost a month since our last practice. Erich has been on holiday, so not had the guitar in his hand. Thomas has been busy with new baby and work. Frank has no chance to practice, as his drums are in the practice room, many miles from his home and I was concerned that I’d forget parts of the lyrics. Trying to refresh the lyrics in my head inbetween daily activities is an impossible task, and so it was that I arrived at the practice room effectively prepared for a bit of “la-la-la” filling. Continue reading “Band practice: Nice!”

Songwriting: Articles and comments

I tend to spend a lot of time using the internet for (mainly English) news articles. The sites I tend to frequent are also commented by switched-on, educated adults – so there is very little to no purile juvenile chit-chat. Some of the comments have become unwitting sources for lines of songs – some of which have even made it into completed songs – so I’ll take the opportunity to thank those people now. Continue reading “Songwriting: Articles and comments”