FLASHBACK: Promiscuous

I went jogging this afternoon, as I try to every working day afternoon, and started my run with the alpha “Promiscuous” and it struck me that it is getting on for a year since I last wrote any lyrics. Continue reading “FLASHBACK: Promiscuous”


Long-Hair Discharge: CD

The  Long-Hair Discharge CD arrived the other day, and I played it in the car on the way to work, managing 8 of the 12 songs. According to the CD credits, the producer, David Buballa, also co-wrote the fourth and fifth songs on the CD.

The production is professional and the sound reminded me of the PackEis songs. The opening track I thought was good. At least three of the songs are very samey (an “Ace Of Spades” like bass-line). One of the songs I thought lost momemtum into the chorus, and generally I am missing a build up into a good hook and generally I think the band uses too little backing vocals. For me, the singer stays well in his comfort zone which makes the songs a little monotonous with a hint of automaton in some parts, as the vocals appear to change tone exactly with the backing instruments.

I tend to listen to the singing on any song more than the instruments, so lyrics play a major role in any song which I listen to repeatedly. The Long-Hair Discharge song’s words are difficult to decipher (not necessarily a bad thing) but definitely have a morbid theme running through them but, as I know, writing happy, cheery uplifting songs is hard work.

Erich mentioned that Zonie, Long-Hair Discharge’s guitarists, had told him that they had enjoyed working with David Buballa, but didn’t know how long they’d spent in the studio. Erich also had the CD and his review was that there were one or two good tracks but the rest nothing special, although (listening with a guitarist’s ears) the riffs in one or two of the songs were good.

Frank’s operation

I spoke to Thomas who spoke to Frank’s mother and, relievingly, Frank’s operation was a success, with the tumour being fully removed. We decided that we’d not visit him today, as planned. Thomas may visit over the weekend, I’m busy with other appointments. Otherwise we’ll go to the hospital next week after work.


Songwriting: Ignorance Is Strength

Usually when people start speaking about music, they reel off long lists of artists and albums which they possess, know the songs (sometimes word perfect) and artists. I must have been standing at the back of the queue when those skills were being handed out because I have a very limited range of music which I listen to and, as a result, can not really join in on the many musical conversations. Continue reading “Songwriting: Ignorance Is Strength”

Fictional album: Banned in the USA

It was a long drive home from work yesterday, with trade fair traffic blocking main routes and arteries like so much cholesterol in veins. I was listening to the alpha CD and my mind wandered from thinking about which songs we should put on our second CD (nothing like planning for the future, when we haven’t even got our first CD produced) to which songs I would put on a fictional album “Banned in the USA”. Continue reading “Fictional album: Banned in the USA”