Band practice listening

Over the weekend I managed to get my PC sorted out so that I could at least listen to one or two takes from our last practice session, although I didn’t have the time to separate the songs from the tracks, convert to MP3 and transfer them to CD. Continue reading “Band practice listening”


Amateur singers and TV shows

At the Fürfeld Rockfest I talked briefly to Nikki, who lives in Fürfeld and is sort of under Thomas’ wing in that Thomas encourages him and a few local lads to play in a band. Nikki has been to the our practice sessions a couple of times in order to listen to a recording of his singing voice. Like me he is lacking self-confidence but, as I said to him, he can certainly sing, but, perhaps due to the lack of confidence, his voice is lacking a little power and authority. Something I silently agreed with as Thomas and others in the band gave him some positive critique. Continue reading “Amateur singers and TV shows”

Fürfeld Rockfest

Saturday was Fürfeld’s Rockfest with NIGHTRAIN supporting SRAINED. Before I left Erich called to say that he would not be able to make it. He was a little under the weather with a cold, and also had an operation on Wednesday, so understandably wanted to be fit for that – although that also means that practice this week won’t be happening. I was at the venue early, in time to watch the bands finish setting up their kit and to watch NIGHTRAIN’s soundcheck, and then wait for the fans to arrive and the show to start. Continue reading “Fürfeld Rockfest”

Band practice – no Frank and no Thomas

Band practice this coming Wednesday has been cancelled, as Thomas can’t make the Wednesday, and alternate days don’t suit the rest of the band. On Friday Thomas will be preparing his local village rock festival, and last Wednesday he mentioned, that we should play there next year. Erich seemed a little nervous on hearing this news – but I think we’re good enough for a live performance. Continue reading “Band practice – no Frank and no Thomas”

Band practice – no drums

The bout of summer flu caught up with me on Tuesday and I sent a mail to the band members to say that, if they didn’t want to run the risk of catching the cold from me, then they should let me know, and we could cancel the practice. I took measures to keep the symptoms at bay (the previous day I’d stayed at home and used pure TCP to keep my throat infection free – which thankfully worked). Continue reading “Band practice – no drums”