Tanya Welch

The SPAM detector on my E-Mail account is pretty good – maybe over-excessive is nearer to the truth, but the occasional bot mails find their way to my in-box and a couple of days ago, another one, titled “You’ve got a Quick Affair Match” slipped the net. Continue reading “Tanya Welch”


Band practice / Practice room viewing

As arranged we met at 18:00 outside Erich’s current work address and travelled with two cars to view the property that was available as a practice room. The room is on the first floor in the corner of a derelict factory and was just the right size for a practice room. Erich was already sold on the room, but Thomas was concerned about the lack of heating. I was initially only concerned with the fact that the agent wanted to make a two-year contract, although he said he’d be willing to make a year’s contract, until Tobi mentioned the narrow-steep stairs and the difficulty of moving the music equipment in and out. Continue reading “Band practice / Practice room viewing”