Band practice: First audience

Yesterday’s band practice started a little earlier, at 17:00. In fact Erich and Thomas arranged to meet at 15:00 so they could work on polishing some of the finer parts of their melodies. On the way I noticed that my voice was still not 100%. I’ve still got the cold I had two weeks ago, with lots of phlegm and coughing and when I started to warm my voice up, I noticed that the throat was irritated which triggered a coughing fit. I took a slime maker “GELOREVOICE” tablet on top of the “Vocalzone” and I arrived at the same time as Frank (who is (thankfully) looking more like his old self) and we entered the pre-heated practice room to see Thomas playing Erich’s guitar, while Erich fiddled with his box of tricks. Continue reading “Band practice: First audience”


Album: Art

My initial prototype of the album artwork was approved by Thomas and Erich (Tobi and Frank have yet to reply) and so I went ahead and made a more definite prototype using Photoshop and a combination of self-drawn “graffiti” and stuff from the internet. I managed to get it finished on Sunday and sent off to the band. Thomas replied that he was very impressed, so it looks like this is the idea we’ll be going with for the album – although I think the reduced CD size might be a problem. Continue reading “Album: Art”

Album: Name/Art

Way back when, before WildscreW was even named, and Thomas and I were generically formulating the band’s future, we both quickly settled on “On My Own” as the title for the CD. Thomas because he likes the track, and myself because it implies that the album is all our own work. However, over the years, I have been unable to think of┬ásuitable art work and can’t seem to evolve past images which imply loneliness rather than independence, where the band is, for example, all sitting on separate tables in a restaurant. Continue reading “Album: Name/Art”