Shot In The Night / Rocksmith

Thomas briefly visited today and said he’d aim to get “Shot In The Night” recorded on REAPER this evening. I told him I’d actually dreamt about the song, but unfortunately with the original singing voice, so I’m thinking that the melody is already fixed into my subconcious. Never the less it will be good to have the raw guitar melody, in the original tuning, so that I can let it sink in a little and maybe try out the range, although I won’t have the time to do anything more than burn the take to CD by Friday.

Thomas also mentioned that he’s been spending all of his time practising the piano with his daughter. He says he’s learning by heart, as note reading hasn’t taken after two years and transcripting the notes is a laborious process (I know).

I didn’t mention that I was still spending quite a lot of time playing Rocksmith, never mind that I bought a Gibson SG. I don’t consider myself good enough to have a guitar suddenly pushed into my hands at a practice session.

Not quite yet.

Interestingly enough, I tend to play Rocksmith by the “notes” and afterwards I generally don’t know what I’ve played. That’s exaggerating a little, as I have to study the main structure and notes of the song, but I can play to the “notes” but not blind.

Except the songs which I have learnt of by heart.

Last weekend I spent probably eight hours jamming on the guitar using tab books, YouTube videos and Rocksmith and a thought suddenly entered my head. Surely there must be an “app” for my expense “smartPhone” (which I only really use as a phone) which can show me the various guitar chords and I can (try) and memorize them.

There is, and it is a great help. Although there are 180 chords, so they’ll take an age to learn. And not that knowing helps my left-hand immediately move, indeed contort, to the required positions, but hopefully knowing where the fingers should be will help me generally.


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