Band practice – focused

Yesterday’s abnd practice started a little later than normal, for me, as I was busy with another appointment, but when I arrived Frank was still missing. Thomas and Erich had been busy with my laptop, trying to record a solo for the version of “Painkiller” which I’d mixed in the preceding days, but had failed to have any positive results. It took a while for me to find the problem, but the REAPER preferences weren’t set to acknowledge the correct USB port, and so the recording wasn’t through the speaker microphone. Continue reading “Band practice – focused”


“Be Careful What You Wish For”

The day before yesterday the German mainstream news happily announced that, as a result of the “lack of police” at the News Years Cologne “events” and polls indicating that the populace felt unsafe and insecure, then the Government was to increase the amount of security. More police for a problem, it is never mentioned, that the politicians, and one Angela Merkel, are responsible for. Continue reading ““Be Careful What You Wish For””

“Painkiller” REAPER mixing

Over the weekend I was able to spend some time with the REAPER take we made on Friday. I’d managed to delete Tobi’s second track in the practice room (whilst deleting tracks which were muted, to clean away the deadwood) but REAPER had still got everything as a WAV file in the project directory, so I made several backups of the original directory and then started work on mixing a version of “Painkiller”. Continue reading ““Painkiller” REAPER mixing”

Band practice – tracked recording of “Painkiller”

We had already arranged to dedicate Friday’s band practice session to creating a good recording of “Painkiller” and, with this in mind, Erich came prepared with cables, laptop and studio headphones. When I arrived both he and Frank were busy fiddling with the mixer, trying to find the correct switches to channel the laptop output between the main speakers and the headphones. Continue reading “Band practice – tracked recording of “Painkiller””


I still try to play a song or two an evening and study the chords in my smart phone app. I have set Rocksmith up to show me the “TAB”s in inverted fashion. This, for me, is much more intuitive, than the standard TAB format, where the top string is at the bottom (because it is the lowest note). But, having done this, I cannot (quickly) read music notated guitar TAB music. Continue reading “Rocksmith”