Album Art

Before my holiday I checked out FIVERR and made a mental note to use a couple of gigs in order to get professional art for the album. Thomas mentioned my prototype for “Untrue” and said he thought my “biohazard girl” had a masculine face. But that was the only critique, so I think the general idea was accepted. Continue reading “Album Art”


Band practice

Whilst driving to Friday’s band¬†practice I noticed that my tongue was a little swollen, at the back and to the left. I decided to just suck on a VOCALZONE¬†(rather than a sugar based cough sweet) in case it was swollen due to the sugar excesses of my holiday, which had ended the day before. It was either that or the onset of a cold. But my voice seemed ok warming up in the car. Continue reading “Band practice”


On Friday (the 12th) the band was invited (with spouse) to Erich’s wifes 40th birthday party. We were promised an official invitation, which never surfaced, but Erich repeatedly told us it started at 19:00. After nearly an hours drive, my wife and I arrived at around 19:15 and everyone was seated and eating. I thought to myself “I know the Germans like their punctuality, but that was leaving no room for error.” Especially as Thomas had said he’d be a little later because of his kids. Continue reading “Party”

Band practice

When I arrived for yesterday’s band practice, Frank could be heard hammering away on the drums, so I let him practise in peace whilst busying myself outside. At a quarter to seven, during a quiet period, I entered the practice room and greeted Frank and he told me that he’d been there since 18:00. Erich had also came around at ten past. He was surprised to see Frank, as he’d come around to pick up his effects board to practise at home – he’d forgotten that we had band practice, so rushed home to get changed and collect his guitar. Continue reading “Band practice”