GASC 2015

The results for 2015 have been posted (individual results will be received in a little over a week), but in the meantime I took a look at the winning lyrics, “Christmas In Glory”, which can(could) be found here: Continue reading “GASC 2015”


Album song order – Erich

Erich has been thinking about the order of the songs and, quite rightly, thinks the order is important. He couldn’t think of the eleventh song, but got all the song titles from Frank and myself at yesterday’s studio meeting. Frank also mercilessly hammered home his piss-take, saying that he thought both “Painkiller” and “Writing On The Wall” were the worst songs and that Erich should listen to the versions and compare them to the Defender versions. Continue reading “Album song order – Erich”

Album Art

As I have had no reply from the original person on FIVERR, since the start of March, I finally managed to get on to FIVERR yesterday and select another (romanian) graffiti artist and ask them if they’d be interested in the work. I sent them the same specification, to which a fast answer was forthcoming. They said they’d do the WildßcreW image for €33 (I assume it was € and not $, no currency was mentioned) which would include the source file and commercial use licence. Continue reading “Album Art”