(New) band practice room

Tobi had come up with the idea of expanding our practice room a couple of weeks ago, and we all agreed it was a good idea, but something we should undertake after we’ve been to the studio. Thomas has been searching for a practice room for his second project, the Arzthosen cover band, and discovered that the room he practised in with Frank, 20 years ago, is available.

The room is in his home town and still has the drum stage which Frank built two decades ago. The (cellar) room is spacious but somewhat damp and would cost €50 a month. There is an equally sized room which adjoins it, and the landlord said both rooms could be rented for €75 a month. I followed the process on WhatsApp and consider the rent effectively nothing. The cover band has 5, (possibly 6), members, so about €12 per month plus electricity. With Frank and Tobi the costs are shared between 7(8).

Thomas originally rented both rooms in order to block any other persons renting and having access to the room with all the bands kit, and beer! But then thought it would be ideal for WildscreW – instantly offer us more space and save us the (not inconsiderable) effort of extending our current practice room. Although it will mean adding about 15 minutes onto my journey time, I think it’s a no-brainer.

Unfortunately Erich’s father will be undergoing (non-planned) surgery this week and so Erich will, understandably, not be coming to tomorrow’s band practice. As we decided last week, however, we need all the band members in order to approach the recording of the new style guide tracks.

Thomas suggested, that we instead go to view the practice room, which we plan to do.


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