The next CD and new vocals for the ALPHAs

Despite the fact that fate once again seems to be conspiring against our planned studio appointment in May, with the last couple of practice sessions effectively being cancelled due to illness, and now the unknown effect of Erich’s father’s operation, I decided to pop the WildscreW ALPHA CD into my car’s stereo player.

It was from this CD that I was reminded about Thomas’ “Untrue” solo, which I cut and paste onto one of our latest current version’s recordings, to good effect. And, listening to the songs, I started to make a mental notes of the songs I would like to work on with a view to making a second CD.

In alphabetical order these songs would be:

Down The Rabbit Hole         
Last Man Standing            
Nothin’ Gonna Change         
The 51st State (Of The U.S.A.)
Walpurgis Night              


(Rock ‘n’ Roll) Revolution 
Gold Digger                

(my) close runners-up.

Erich is still working on putting enough chords around the (very good) riff he’s had in his head since a teenager (in a similar manner to Thomas’ riff which became the song “The Beginning Of The End”) and I’ve provisionally penned the lyrics “Quicksilver” for that.

But since I recorded the ALPHAs (some songs going all the way back to 2012) I have reworked most of the lyrics and so decided, today, that it is time to re-record the vocals and altered lyrics for (at least) the above songs. Hopefully I’ll get around to it this or tomorrow evening (as band practice has been cancelled this week) or over the weekend.




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