Band practice – “Painkiller” pains

The practice session was generally good and we played all the songs (except “On My Own” and were able to (provisionally) mark then as a guide track; although there was a little bit of tension with “Painkiller”. Continue reading “Band practice – “Painkiller” pains”


Band practice – Last before studio?

Last night’s band practice is probably the last session before we head off to the recording studio. We left a two-hour (more wasn’t possible) practice session window open for next Friday and decided to use it, only if we thought we needed to (for example, if we couldn’t settle on a guide track for a song, then we could use the time to re-record it then. Continue reading “Band practice – Last before studio?”

Arzthosen – WildßcreW conflicts of interest

After much to-ing and fro-ing, it looked like the only date on which everyone could make the next Arzthosen practice was this Thursday, from 20:15 (which, due to a lack of sound proofing, would mean a two-hour schedule). Two hours are around about how much time I need to travel to and from the practice room, so it is not a lot of time, but I would have been prepared to do it. Continue reading “Arzthosen – WildßcreW conflicts of interest”

Band practice – guide tracks

I arrived at the practice room on Friday, just as Frank had finished reskinning the last drum. He’d been working on them (again) for six or seven hours, the cleaning taking the lion’s share of the time. I grabbed a beer and sat outside eating a snack and Frank joined me on the bench, amongst other things he said that he was pleased with the power of the new skins and that he’d also bought new hardware – stuff which was to be taken out of production, but better than its replacement. Continue reading “Band practice – guide tracks”