Last minute butterflies – “Misery”

I was checking over the song lyrics again yesterday, which is probably a sign of butterflies, as they will soon be irrevocably set in CD stone. When it came to “Misery” I found myself staring at the very first word.


I heavily reworked “Misery” a couple of weeks ago and the first half of the first verse is completely new. When I was composing the verse I was undecided about whether ‘radiant’ or ‘radiance’ is the correct word, and after I’d stared at the dictionary definitions for both words, I’ve managed to persuade myself that they’re (maybe) interchangeable.

The truth is, I wasn’t sure. From a lyrical perspective, the gradual fade offered by ‘radiance’ would be a better choice, but I’m pretty certain ‘radiant’ (with its sharp ‘t’ not so lyrically pleasing) is the better choice of word.

I decided to ask my sister and she wrote back that both words are ok, but she felt ‘radiant’ the correct choice, and so the lyric will remain.

“Misery” has become just that since I renamed the song from “End Of Beauty” and we had difficulties at the last band practice. I converted the songs to MP3s last night and, when listening to “Misery” don’t actually perceive it to be as fast as we certainly played/sang it. Thomas wrote to me during the week. He’d tasked himself with finding the ideal tempo for the song and I downloaded his REAPER take ready to load onto the laptop and play to everyone at the upcoming band practice.

When I replied to Thomas, I also mentioned that it is perhaps time that we sort out a FACEBOOK entry for WildßcreW. As much as I detest FACEBOOK, I fear we’re going to have to use it.


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