Studio – Bass tracks

I was unable to visit the studio the day before yesterday when Tobi set up his bass and recorded two songs. Yesterday I managed to get to the studio (admittedly 30 minutes late due to terrible traffic) and Tobi told me that they’d spent a lot of time on “Beast With Two Backs”. Tobi had initially started playing with his 5 string ass, but David preferred the sound of Tobi’s 4 string bass, saying it wasn’t so tinny in the higher end. And when I arrived, Tobi was playing the final parts for “Painkiller”, the solo and outro.

I offered everyone a beer, grabbed one for myself and sat back to watch and listen. Continue reading “Studio – Bass tracks”

Guide track – “Cougar!”

When I was singing the guide tracks in the studio I was effectively reading from the latest song prints and some of the lyrics have been improved over those which I sing from heart. One such case was the outro for “Cougar!” and, because the change caught me off my guard, I didn’t quite get the metre right, which David also immediately noticed (and asked me if I was sure all the songs had a good metre). I replied they do, which is the truth, but depends on which lyrics are sung. Continue reading “Guide track – “Cougar!””