Guide Tracks – sorted

On Friday I converted the songs marked GT (guide track) from Thursday’s practice session to MP3 and listened to them and was pleasantly surprised. The songs were all usable as guide tracks – Tobi’s bass was audible and even my voice had been picked up on the central microphone – although the signal hadn’t made it with that clarity to my ears.

I compared the tracks to the recordings from previous practice sessions, which I’d earmarked for use as guide tracks and decided that just Jimmy Palmiotti’s “Painkiller” and a version of “Untrue” from September 2015 were better. I loaded my suggestions, as well as ALPHA versions (for reference concerning backing vocals and original solos) and sent them to the others.

On Sunday Frank wrote to say that he’d listened to all the takes and had decided that he’d use them for the studio guide tracks. I spoke to Thomas today, who’d listened to the music in the car and he agreed that they were all usable (although some were slightly too fast/slow). I suggested that’s certainly something we can sort out in the studio – probably with the finished versions.



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