Drums and bass relocation

Yesterday I drove to the practice room in order to help Frank move his drums to the studio. When I arrived he’d been there a half an hour and had already dismantled his kit. We packed his and my car (I also packed the rest of my stuff (mike cables, music stands, music) and the A2 sheets with our songs and then waited for Tobi, who wanted to relocate his bass and amp/speaker.

Tobi arrived while I was showing Frank Kim’s artwork. All three of us were decided on the skimpier version of the woman, but I think I’ll leave the final decision to Kim. While Tobi was packing his stuff he discovered that his speaker was too large for his cars boot, so we moved some of Frank’s kit from my car to Tobi’s and put the speaker in the back of my car. Thomas’ sister arrived just before we set off, which was a good opportunity to thank her and say our goodbyes, although we’ll probably see her again when moving out the remaining guitar and PA amps. She also offered her voice, if it was required, for backing vocals in the studio.

It was nearly an hours (uneventful) drive from the practice to the studio where we unloaded the kit and then set off towards home.

When I got back home I had about an hour with which to scan Kim’s artwork and play with a couple of ideas but, unfortunately, my scanner jammed and by the time I’d taken it apart, fixed the jam and rebuilt it, the hour was as good as over. I did get the chance to scan the rough drafts and resize her sketch of the cover to 12×12 cm (CD jewel case) and print it out. As feared the WildßcreW tattoo is then practically invisible. Either the tattoo gets relocated as an embroidery on a (short) denim jacket, for example, or is painted as a graffito.

I quickly got in touch with Kim and told her that I was impressed with her work and, after I’d spoke to the lads in the band about her ideas, and ours, then I’d be in touch again. Today, whilst contemplating the tattoo problem, it crossed my mind that we could have a wall which runs continuously through all the booklets pages (however many it will ultimately get). That would allow us to add the song titles as individual graffitos as originally planned.


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