Studio – Rhythm guitar 7 – a wrap

Only managed to talk briefly to Thomas, but he told me that Erich had finished his takes of the two outstanding songs, “Cougar!” and “Painkiller” and that the way was now free for Thomas to record his melodies. Continue reading “Studio – Rhythm guitar 7 – a wrap”


Studio – updates

As I thought I was in no condition to visit the studio on Sunday and as Erich hadn’t written to expressly a wish that people attend, then I didn’t feel particularly guilty. As it happens, I talked to Thomas today and he told me Erich had (understandably) cancelled the date on Sunday as he was upset at his father’s upcoming funeral, which is being held today. Continue reading “Studio – updates”

Studio – Rhythm guitar 6 – Cougar!

I managed to talk briefly to Thomas today, who was with Erich yesterday evening in the studio. He told me that Erich was the exact opposite of himself on Sunday – the real Mr. Hyde. Erich has always complained that “Cougar!” is too simple, boring even, and now he was sitting in the studio he was once again saying to Thomas that they should have detailed the song more in the practice room and worked on fills and variations. Continue reading “Studio – Rhythm guitar 6 – Cougar!”

Studio – Rhythm guitar 5 – STUNG!

Erich wrote an E-Mail to say that he’d be in the studio on Sunday at around 17:00 and I managed to get to the studio for ten past. When I arrived a stranger let me in, a stranger who happened to be recording some orchestra music played through keyboards with David. I greeted David, who stated that I was the first today, so at least I was relieved that I hadn’t got the wrong date or time, and settled down to wait for Erich and Thomas (who’d replied to the E-Mail that he’d be there later). Continue reading “Studio – Rhythm guitar 5 – STUNG!”

Studio – Rhythm guitar 3 – another 4 takes

I spoke briefly to Thomas today who had spoken to Erich. Apparently Erich was busy on Sunday and recorded the takes for four songs between 10 and 17. Thomas says that each track is doubled on each of the three amps they’ve selected, so Erich has to play each song four times.

Thomas is wondering if there will be anything left for him to play. Continue reading “Studio – Rhythm guitar 3 – another 4 takes”