Studio – vocals “Free Fall”

On my way to the studio I warmed up with my new CD but mainly to “Ghost Rider’s In The Sky”, a nice deep bassy rumble which puts no stress on my voice. I arrived at the studio ten minutes late due to heavy traffic, grabbed my magic bag (of which I really only resort to occasional use of the honey) and spied David towards the end of the drive, sitting in the early evening’s shadows on a chair near to the studio. Continue reading “Studio – vocals “Free Fall””


Studio – pre vocals “Free Fall”

With just one song left to record I quickly burned a couple of “gentle” songs on CD to warm my voice up to, as David had instructed me. “Feel” from Robbie Williams, “Love Is Like A Butterfly” by Dolly Parton, “Ghost Riders In The Sky” by Johnny Cash etc. Continue reading “Studio – pre vocals “Free Fall””

Studio – vocals “Beast” and rest

After a party the evening before where I drank a little more alcohol than I was planning, I awoke on Sunday and set off toward the studio on what was a glorious morning and which turned out to be a scorcher of a day. I arrived just before 11 and David was waiting outside the studio gates so I thrust a half crate of beer in his hand and grabbed my bag of magic, glasses and lyrics. Continue reading “Studio – vocals “Beast” and rest”


Before I left for the studio I spoke briefly to Thomas who, as I thought, has a lot to do after arriving back from his holiday, and so wouldn’t be able to visit the studio this week. He did tell me that he’d forwarded a mail from Laura, who had been charged with digitizing our logo. I checked the mail and Laura had sent three versions of the logo – she’d (also) had problems with the design of the R. Continue reading “Logo”

Studio – vocals “Writing On The Wall”

I arrived punctually at 18:00 at the studio and David was waiting outside. On the way I’d warmed up my voice with a little AC/DC and the voice exercises, which David had given me after my first recording session. On the way to the studio I decided that my voice was in good form, no flem and clear notes from my head voice, although my stomach was suffering with cramps, which was irritating but I didn’t expect to hinder my singing. Continue reading “Studio – vocals “Writing On The Wall””

Pre-Studio – vocals

After a snap-decision on Friday I found myself headed for lake Constance for a weekend which was planned with sailing but, due to the weather, turned out to be spent in various pubs and restaurants. As a result of the trip and the long distance involved (four plus hours with the car) then I was pretty exhausted on Sunday, when I arrived back, and it was all I could do to stay awake till after nine. Continue reading “Pre-Studio – vocals”