Facebook group

It is an age and a half since I logged onto America’s central database and I found the site, as is common today, confusing and not user-friendly. I’d logged on as Thomas had informed me that Laura had created a WildßcreW group, but damned if I could find it. After wasted way too much time trying to find the group and a little bit of sense of the site I quit. Continue reading “Facebook group”


CD art – Painkiller

During the week I managed to find a little time to work on the CD graffiti and selected “Painkiller”. At the moment the idea is to spell the song title using syringes and I think it works quite well. The syringes on my prototype, however, were noticeably thinner towards the end and so I decided to make a syringe template and redraw the title. Continue reading “CD art – Painkiller”

Cover band Arzthosen

Last weekend I was in Frankfurt’s Oktoberfest and so couldn’t make it to the cover band practice and the weekend before that I was out and about with the in laws and outlaws celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary but I plan to practice for a couple of hours this evening. (I’ll be leaving at 22:00 because I’ll be driving to Stuttgart tomorrow for their Oktoberfest).  Continue reading “Cover band Arzthosen”

Three Oktoberfests and a funeral

Between project stress at work and commitments to a trio of Oktoberfests it was always going to be a logistical masterpiece to fit in a flight to the UK for my great aunt’s funeral. I made the decision to cancel at the start of the week and that happened to coincide with a mail from my sister and my aunt’s executor, suggesting I fly over at a later date, after the stress of the funeral, to visit the grave.