New practice room

After a short but deep sleep and breakfast with Thomas’ family we headed towards the new practice room. Shortly after 9 Simone arrived, as promised, with a coffee machine and instructed me on how to use it, before leaving for work. Nic and Martin arrived and Tobi and Frank (with his daughter Anna-Lena) but we couldn’t really start work in earnest until Erich arrived with the material.We offloaded the wooden spars and listened to Erich turn the air blue with profanities as he’d cut the spars to the length Thomas had told him, but Thomas had said 2.40m instead of 2.70m. And so a little time was lost organising some beams to run under (and eventually we decided above) the spars. Once the framework was constructed, mounting the chipboard panels and lining with fibreglass was quick.

There was much discussion about the wood burning oven in the room. We fired it up quite early in the morning and it was a welcome source of heat against the cold of the day, but whilst we were working we had an open door and voices of concern were raised about the oven stealing al the oxygen in the room. Another issue was that the chimney wasn’t exactly sealed 100% and was also leaking fumes into the room.

We decided that, if the mayor (who is responsible for the building) decided that the oven could be removed, then we would remove it. Tobi had bought the air conditioning unit from the WildßcreW practice room and Erich set about installing it in the new practice room. Initially trying to install it between “glass bricks” the decision was made to knock all the glass bricks out and mount the A/C unit in a wooden from attached to the window frame.

We’d spent about seven hours on the practice room and there is still the second (sound proofed) door to finish and the sound proofing of the windows/AC unit and also the floor as well as the wiring. It was agreed work will be continued next Saturday, when the instruments will also be moved into the room.


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