A Christmas party’s “Highway To Hell”

The work’s Christmas party was Held in the arched cellar of an old and small brewery. There were about sixty people all told and after the meal the entertainment began.

I already knew in advance what was planned: A type of mass karaoke but with a live singer/guitarist. Any doubts I may have had about the involvement of the group were quickly perished by during the first song as everyone was singing along to the opening hit.

Bernd, who had organised the event, and who is also one of the original skiing group who was present with my first jam with Didi Diesel, didn’t so much as ask as to tell me that I wouldn’t have anything against being asked to sing a song, if the opportunity arose. But any reserves I may have had about having to inspire the group were forgotten as the entertainer quickly managed to get everyone standing on benches, singing, clapping and generally having a great time. So much so that not much attention was paid to the dessert, when that was bought down to the cellar and I certainly didn’t think I’d be asked to sing.

But asked I was.

And none other than the easiest of easy songs “Highway To Hell”.

I was initially asked to sit on a stool and sing facing the crowd and I wanted to use the moment to think about what I saw and felt being suddenly pushed up in front of 60 well-entertained people. A the skiing-connection insisted I use the entertainer’s microphone, which was tightly wrapped to his microphone stand and so very restrictive with the amount of roaming freedom (none) I was so busy getting out of the way of the projector, checking roaming space, that I just had time for a brief glance into the crowd lining the arched cellar before the singer strummed out the unmistakable A-power-chords and the song was starting.

Not knowing how the microphone was set up, I chose to leave a bit extra distance between it and my mouth and I found myself belting out the lyrics at a rate which overstressed my voice. My voice didn’t break, but I wouldn’t have been able to deliver anything afterwards. The crowd seemed pleased (although I can sing it much better) and my voice was probably being swallowed up by the 60 voices coming my way.




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