For someone who works on a daily basis with computers and technology, I am somewhat of a technophobe. I also have an uncanny knack of buying the device from the shop which is guaranteed not to work, to work properly, or to work a day beyond its guarantee period. In order to skirt past my jinx I often rely on the advice of other people and tread in their footsteps. If they say that device A is good, and I’m looking for such a device, then I’ll buy it. And so it was that I purchased an old-model SANSA Clip, because they are better than the newer models. Indeed, their second-hand price is now three times the original purchase price.

I told my mate, who had recommended the device, about my converting the WAV files to MP3s, but thought (well knew) I was losing too much quality. He laughed and said that I needed to jailbreak it and it would play WAV files. The technophobe in me led me to ask him to do it, which he did in a couple of minutes.

The new display is microscopic – I literally have to guess my way through the menu without a magnifying glass – which makes navigation in the car impossible. But if I don’t let the last song in a Folder play to the end, then I can keep my playlist going.

David uploaded the mixes in the early hours of yesterday and Erich asked us to listen to them, and so I fired up my PC with a view to putting the (now playable) WAVs on the SANSA. Not only did the device now refuse to communicate with the computer, when I unplugged it, it was stuck on USB Charge mode and no sequence of button presses and combinations could persuade it to power down.

The advantage of being a jinxed technophobe is that this sort of behaviour is almost routine. My “smart” phone, for example, also suffers from these seizures and the solution is to leave the device alone, in a corner, until it drains its power and then, as a rule, everything is “ok” (at least until the next technical aneurism).

And so it was that I transferred the WAV files to a mini SD Card and, after first recharging my SANSA, was able to listen to the new mixes in the late morning at work.


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