CD work provisionally finished!

On Saturday at 10:00 I met up with David and Erich with a view to finalising the mixes and artwork. The amount of effort invested by both David and Erich has been enormous and we all agreed that a stage has now been achieved which won’t improve much relative to the time and effort we put in.My list of changes for the mixes was tiny and involve a speech correction in “On My Own”, a reversion of Erich’s guitar fill before “Frankensteins” in “Writing On The Wall” and the removal of the cymbals at the start of “Untrue”. Erich and David asked me why I wanted them removed and I replied that, for me, the song starts exactly the same as “Stung!”. If the cymbals couldn’t be removed, then the songs would have to be placed apart on the CD setlist. However both agreed that the two songs sounded the same and David removed the cymbals (although they’re still audible, as they were picked up on the other drum mcrophones) and added a more dominant bass drum sound. I am really pleased with the result. For me, at last, I’ve managed to achieve my aim, which I set out to achieve at the start of the studio recordings, of having a say in how “Untrue” is formed.

Although the songs were pretty much all finished we spent above two hours on the final adjustments. Erich had spotted some minor details which were also adjusted and the main alteration was to the end of “Writing On The Wall” which received a sound effect. Erich stated that he has now grown used to the ending of “Writing On The Wall” and also the fact that I “sing into” his solo on “Free Fall”. “Singing in or out” of a solo is a taboo for Erich but, being a fan of Bon Scott, who did it all the time, especially live, it is something I’m used to.

I’d asked Martin during Friday evening practice session with the ArztHosen if he would be interested in playing a “guest solo” for “Free Fall”, as we were having difficulty with it and it was one of my favourite songs. Martin said he’d take a listen and so I sent him all the details before I went to bed in the early hours of Saturday morning. I mentioned this to Erich but he flatly refused and said we’d make use of the material we had. So I wrote to Martin and thanked him and asked him to stand down. As it was, David created two versions of “Free Fall” but the three of us preferred the version where the vocals pick up straight after the original, but shortened, solo.

There have been many man-hours of effort put into “Free Fall”‘s solo and all of it remains on the cutting room floor.

Having ticked off all the mixes it was time to move to the artwork. The main task was to “just” change the font. “Just” changing the font, because Thomas thought the original Film Noir style looked too much like the Nazi SS style, took more than an hour. The new font is larger and so all the song lyrics had to be re-edited so that the fit around the graphics.

With all that done Erich and I set off, a little later than planned, to celebrate Christmas with our families.






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