Eurovision Song Contest

When I got back home in the evening, the ESC was already underway and the first contestant was finishing off her song. My wife and I watched the Show to the semi-final but we were pretty certain that Isabella Levina Lueen would (at least should) win the competition.

As I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, I’m no fan of Adele but Lueen’s singing, which effectively began without any musical accompaniment, was impressively solid.

As my wife has such a sharp musical ear, then I often ask her if she hears the same as me. For example I thought there were a couple of flat sounding tones from Axel’s Version of a Jame’s Bond song (which I also didn’t know). Neither of us knew the song but my wife agreed and thought the notes were a bit off.

But the standard of the singing was above nit-picking about flat notes. It was professional and ultimately the decision was always going to be swayed by the song itself and later the vocal and physical delivery.

But, for me at least, what was more interesting than the show was its synchronicity. A song, “Dancing On My Own” was performed (synchronicity with “On My Own”) and one of the song candidates was titled “Wildfire” sharing a title with a song which I wrote way back on 3.9.2012 (password: js736). I also had to smile and wonder if Erich was watching the show as Lueen sang “Wildfire” with lots (even if subdued) of kicks in her voice.





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