GASC 2017 – Results and more synchronicity

My GASC arrived per E-Mail.

I was pleasantly surprised that, quite contrary to my expectations, the judges had not (appeared) to have taken slight at the anti-US and anti-UK (effectively Anti-Establishment) rant.

I even scored a 10 on originality.

51st State

As I am sure I’ve mentioned before, imagery/poetics (9) and rhyming (7) are most important to me, although rhyming may be subject to translation problems between the american judges and my english accent (tomaytah – tomahrtar problem).

Clarity/theme development (4) is probably down to their comment:

The “you” the words are addressing isn’t identified; consequently listeners won’t likely make the connection on their own. The solution to this problem is to create a set-up in the premise – right from the get-go. This is critical to help the audience more easily understand where the words are taking them .

which I take issue with.

“You” or “You’re” is used nine times in total and the opening line, “You’re either with us or against us” is from the mouth of America’s Dubya Bush himself, using the smoke and mirrors of an event, 911, which itself becomes more implausible the longer the years pass, changed the world forever (for the worst) by declaring the existence of a binary world of freedumb and terrorists.

That, for me at least, establishes who the song is aimed at, the listener and, at the latest, the end of the second line reinforces that: “to keep you safe from ragtag armies”.

I wrote the “The 51st State (of the U.S.A.)” lyrics after the chemical attack in Damascus, Syria and the subsequent rabid media goading for military intervention and toppling of the, for decades no problem, Assad “regime”.

Through more luck than judgement the then English PM, Cameron, didn’t manage to convince the MoPs to vote for an intervention and, after Russia volunteered to dispose of any chemical weapons, the chemical attack was exposed as being a fraud.

A false flag.

An attack from the beleaguered anti-goverment forces (comprising of Al-Quaida which, at least to my knowledge, used to be America’s terrorist enemy number one) but is now, apparently, the enemy of my newest enemy.

So why the synchronicity? Today, the same news is making the headlines.

The (same) beleaguered anti-goverment forces have almost lost their grip on a different city and the same “with the most to lose from such use of chemical weapons” Assad, with the same military upper hand, and a recent statement from the US that they are no longer interested in toppling him, supposedly deploys chemical weapons on civilians.

The same MSM news outlets lead with more pictures of children in a war zone (but never if it is from the same street battles in Mossul). This time it is Trump, who has recently promised his war machine $50 billion, direct Syrian intervention and, this time, it is Russia’s Putin who has stepped directly up to the plate to defend Assad.

For anyone who hasn’t got their heads buried deep in modern circuses and bread, modern events and sabre rattling are unfolding at a frightening, and a world-war-history-repeating-itself, manner.

It is a tragedy, and a sad reflection of the non peaceful intent of western governments, that “The 51st State”, “We’re Going To War” and “We Came; We Saw; He Died”‘s lyrics remain as relevant today as they were when they were written.





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