CD choir

After our choir’s performance and during a break at the choir’s concert on Saturday a couple from the choir came to the table where I was sitting and said their goodbyes to the rest of us, as their son was celebrating his birthday the next day.

Just before they left the pair’s better half asked me for a copy of the WildßcreW CD. So I made a mental note to take the CD to the next practice, which I did.

As there are nearly fifty members in the choir I stated that they can borrow, even copy the CD, but if they want it then they’d have to part with some money.

The next day I decided to listen to the CD’s songs again (it’s been quite a while since I listened to the CD) and found myself not being disturbed by most of my flaws and weaknesses which, directly after the CD, would almost make me wince.

I won’t get feedback from the couple until I see them again after the long May Bank holiday weekend but I found myself on my way home listening to all the songs sequentially – even “Jezebel” sounded much better than I remembered.


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