WildßcreW – pre rehearsal

I nearly packed my bass guitar to take along to this evenings practice session, but decided at the last Minute not to. I figured, if we decide that I should play bass for a song, then Tobi needs just ten minutes to collect a guitar from his home.

I was mulling over the fact that I could hardly hear my voice during the last session and decided that a monitor could be a good solution. At the Moment the Speakers for the vocals are positioned at the opposite end of the rehearsal room, either side of Frank, and, before the Sound gets to my ears, has to navigate Erich and Tobi’s crossfire.

Before buying I decided to ask Thomas if he has a spare monitor lying around, so that I can test before I buy. But I’m pretty certain that it will help.

I do have my practice amp with me and may set that up as a provisional monitor, but better ask Erich before connecting it to anything, in case I blow his amp up.

I’ve packed my TC HELICON Voice Correct XT and have this Voice Tone 1 eyed up as a compressor.


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