Screwed – feedback

Long, long ago, 2004, to be exact, I got to know, through dragon boat paddling, a lad called Jochen, who played guitar in a band.

At that time I put a lot of time in creating DVD slide shows of the dragon boat events and, for one of the films, I used some music from Jochen’s band, Screwed. The song was one of three which he’d given to me. They were demo songs which the band had recorded. I remember Jochen telling me that their (American) singer sounded like Bon Scott. He could certainly hit the high notes but I’d have to take another listen to the track to judge any similarity.

As life is wont, we were destined to go our separate ways but sporadically kept in contact, mainly via sport, and the last time was in 2009 when Jochen invited me to take part (as a reserve) in a triathlon. As it turned out I (luckily) wasn’t needed for the event.

Fast forward to the present and, with the freshly pressed WildßcreW CD, I decided to write Jochen a quick note, tell him where to find the samples in the Internet and ask him if he is interested in a copy of the CD.

And so it was that I sent Jochen a copy of the CD and I a one of the Screwed demo CD from 2012.

I managed to listen to the CD over the weekend. I actually wanted to rip it to MP3, so I could listen to it in the car, but my software was playing up again, so I was restricted to listening to it from the PC and via the speakers.

The CD has seven songs and before I listened I read through the song lyrics. The band recorded the demo with a female singer and her subject matter bought a smile to my face. From the style of lyrics I judged her to be English (using pissed off instead of pissed) and the standard reminded me of mid-teen.

As it turned out, from her diction, she is obviously German and that would explain the school-girl standard of lyrics. I also noticed that they appear to have printed the planned lyrics on the CD insert as occasionally different words or sections were sung. A nice Variation was the printed lyric:

“Sit at home to masturbate.” and the sung lyric “Sit at home to vegetate.”

I have yet to write to Jochen, who, due to lack of time, no longer plays in the band, but I thought all the songs listenable. The six member band uses a keyboard to fill and all the songs had a pop-rock, 70’s ballad or even jazzy sound. There was no hard, heavy or metal rock. The singer’s voice is, in a similar way to Defender’s singer, very solid and professional but also very rigid and she hardly lets any emotion out in the songs.

Which makes them all a bit samey.

But the lyrics mean that I won’t be playing any of the songs regularly anyway.

As Screwed were preparing for this demo session I’d been writing lyrics for around a year (with Thomas) and it is unfortunate that Jochen and I didn’t remain in touch, as I would have gladly helped them to fine tune their lyrics. But, of course, Jochen had no idea that I was writing lyrics, although they could have asked me to check the English.

When I write I’ll offer my services, should the band need them.







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