60th birthday Party Repertoire – last rehearsal

With a couple of hours to myself in the evening I decided to have a dry run of the five songs I have been asked to sing at the upcoming 60th birthday Party on Saturday.I fired up REAPER and began with “The Great Pretender” but discovered that the directory had been corrupted and so set up a new project.

The song is most definitely the hardest in the repertoire to sing well (as in nailing all Freddie’s intonations). I can’t say I’m 100% happy with my rendition, but it will have to do.

Next up was “We Will Rock You”. This is the first time I attempted to sing the song using REAPER and it went surprisingly well, including the timing to the guitar solo). I fluffed the words in a couple of parts but kept the metre. At tomorrows “dress rehearsal” I would like to discuss with the others the order of the songs and would suggest that “We Will Rock You” opens the Show. It is a simple song, everyone can thump along with it and we can get a good gauge on the audience, as to whether they’re up for a singing to, or would rather be left in peace.

“Angels” was ok. I concentrated on singing the start in a firmer voice, as I don’t think Robbie’s whisper will come across in a rowdy party room. It sounded ok. “Feel” was next up. I was unsure of the starting point (I actually got it right but my uncertainty ruined the start – something that must not happen live). I think “Let Me Entertain You” is my strongest Robbie song, but I lost myself in the second verse – again that must not happen live.

I jotted down a couple of notes for the songs, mainly concerning the backing, but also the suggestion that someone makes a small thankyou speech during the (Long) “Angels” break.


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