ALPHA “War Dogs”

On the way back to work I listened to the new ALPHA and lyrics started to form in my head.The opening line, “Cry havoc (and) let slip the Dogs of war.” I have again stolen from Shakespeare (Julius Caeser) and that also dictated the metre for the rest of the verse.

As I had to do some shopping I could work on the first verse and had enough to test the vocals against the guitar melody, once I’d finished my “dress rehearsal” for the upcoming 60th birthday song repertoire.

As it happened I decided to restructure the song and remove the original verse melody (in which I believe I play a wrong chord, but also has a treacle like tempo) and moved the chorus to be the verse and the bridge to be the chorus/outro. The dramatic chord sequence and the my primitive solo on the outro were retained.

As I was missing a break between the verses I grabbed my SG and quickly thought of a chord sequence and played it. The timing was awful but the part I used acceptable. The sequence actually sounds familiar, when I listened to it today, but I can’t place my finger on where I’ve heard it. I’m sure the others (probably Tobi) will immediately recognise the source. They are walking musical encyclopedias as concerns music.

With the song edited I was ready to record and I belted the verse out in a surprisingly pleasing first take which I copied to the second verse (pending lyrics).

I listened to the chorus/outro and the simple words also seemed to fit the underlying guitar melody, with the backing voice filling the gap and giving the song a good hook, even though it differs from the song’s title.

I can’t/won’t use the hook as the song’s title as I already have a song titled “We’re Going To War”.

All that was left was to sing the opening line onto the outro.

Music, a little like computing, defies the laws of time and motion and five minutes is an hour for anyone outside the zone. I’d forgotten to Keep an eye on the time and something happened which I’ve managed to avoid for several years. A shame, that no one was filming it.

I started REAPER recording and, just as I belted out the outro line my wife both walked into and jumped back out of the room in shock. Of course, she’d come back from sports and I, with headphones on, had not heard her come in.

It was probably a good Thing I wasn’t singing “Dominatrix”.

Once she’d recovered from the shock she asked me if it has to be so loud and burpy (gas from a beer and a lot of pushing with my stomach muscles – honest). I said later that’s why I don’t sing when she is there; she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

I later recorded the song as an MP3 and I’m pretty impressed with the ALPHA and, on the way to work, I thought about stealing a second Shakespeare line to open the lyrics for the second verse.





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