ArztHosen – rehearsal

Because the power-mixer belongs to the community it was not available, and so another unplugged session was on the agenda.A shame because both I, and Flo, as it later transpired, had hoped for a practice session with some noise.As it turned out the rehearsal was to be a discussion, as Martin cancelled at the last minute and it was about 21:00 when Flo arrived, with Simone after that.

The reason for the discussion was primarily about the cancelled concerts, which led the band to decide that future gigs would be sealed with a written contract, to stop such last minute fiascos and also the decision, that we would set as a target to perform in more concerts, including local pub venues.

Another big discussion point were the recent rehearsals where we’d concentrated all the available time on one or two new songs and singer Andy stole the words from my mouth when he said that we should be concentrating our effort on making sure that our set-list for the upcoming and one remaining concert at the radio station SWR is as good as we can make it, and not playing new songs. There will be enough time after the concert for that.

I detected a little unhappiness in the three. Flo mentioned, and it was a point that I’d forgotten, that we sat there, that evening, as the original four who’d started the band. Himself as the drummer who’d never listened to any of the songs we were covering, myself as the bass player who’d never played the bass (and who’d never listened to any of the songs we were covering). Andy, who’d never sang for a band before. And reminded us that the original idea was to have a good time with the project and that a lot of the fun was missing since the emphasis had shifted on new songs.

I excused myself at 22:30, as I didn’t want to be too late into bed, as the weekend was going to be long and tiring. The others excused themselves for my journey, but I said that it didn’t matter and sometimes things have to be talked about, instead of music being played.

What will be decided remains to be seen.

Fact of the matter is that, with the impending summer holidays, there are no more practice sessions before the SWR concert where we’re all there. I stated before I left that I’d like a set-list so I can concentrate my time on those songs.




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