ArztHosen – rehearsal cancelled

Thomas had written during the week to confirm the practice session, even though it was effectively me him and Andy the singer.I dutifully packed the car with all that I needed for that evening and Thomas then called me during the day to say that the rehearsal was senseless.

I decided to use the time usefully and played the set-list a couple of times that evening, trying to make an impersonal score of my performance.

Most of the songs I haven’t played for probably four or so weeks and was expecting a disaster. Some songs were, but the majority I only made brief errors, for example in a bridge or solo.

That said there were a couple of songs which were worse than bad.

And so I took a couple of hours time on Saturday to play the set-list again and was pleased to note that I was more or less up to speed on all the songs. The two new ones still need more practice and I find myself avoiding the “Bayern” song like the plague but fear it will be a song which will be played at our upcoming concert and so will have to be learnt.




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