Musiker-in-Deiner-Stadt – Worst Webpage ever!

Thomas had registered on the website as an administrator and sent us all a link so that we could register and identify with the band.Working in IT I’ve noticed a dramatic decline in the standards and useability of Software, especially web-pages, since about 2003/5. This site was to prove itself as on the leading edge of the decline.

I’d already started to register with the site several months ago with a view to using it to recruit a guitarist for WildScreW. I’d not gone further than the site’s demand for my mobile phone number as I considered the proce of giving up that information too dear for a forum registration.

This time, and for the good of the others in the band, I bit the bullet and submitted my number to which I received an activation code.

I spent the next 25 minutes fighting my way through the registration and it appeared to be have been specified by a high-court judge and written by someone who literally took paper forms and placed them on the screen.

At the end of guessing whether I should do this, or that and being told that I must fill that in (“additional information”), for which I had none, so wrote to that effect. Then told it must be at least 50 characters, then told that it had detected English words, which were forbidden(!) with a timer counting down from 10 minutes, threatening at the least to erase all current input and at the worst, who knows what.

Once the page was happy with my input, and hadn’t timed out, I was shown the same page and had to go through the whole rigmarole again. This time I decided to be clever and copy the lorem Ipsum text but “English” was again detected in the latin. After less time the site appeared to be happy and I wrote to say that, despite the websites best efforts, I believed I was registered (I hadn’t received any message to the effect).

I needed a break from the IT torture. I suppose it’s like any professional having to endure living with the worst example of something which they create. A roofer being forced to live in a house with a leaky roof, a glazier in a house with no windows.

After a couple of hours I’d managed to persuade myself to retry the website and complete my task, started a couple of months ago, to find a replacement guitarist for FATE.

I logged on and was shown a page which read like a legal document saying that I had breached their rules and regulations and offered me a link for retribution, which stated there would be no retribution forthcoming and I would be banned for life and also any future attempts to register as another person/e-Mail.

All that was missing was a note saying that the Gestapo were being sent around and I should volunteer myself for the concentration camps.

I was, needless to say, gobsmacked but, after so many years in Germany, not entirely surprised at the excessive legal language.

Apparently, as far as I could gather from the dire webpage, is I had forgotten to tick a box which stated I was a member of a band (and the website “knew” this, of course, because of the link I’d followed from Thomas’ registration.

Naughty, naughty me!

The box, which I remember, didn’t contain useful stuff like “Are you a member of a band?” but “Are you looking for band members?”. So I obviously didn’t activate it. But, apart from that, what do musicians do who aren’t restricted to a single instrument?

I was offered the choice from a drop down window. So no bass and singer. Either or. Because of the band I chose bass player, but that would be a lie in my other role for FATE.

But, to be honest, I was glad the thing rejected me.

A couple of days later Andi and Flo wrote to say that they had managed to register and that they had also never experienced such a disatrous webpage.

For any body reading, certainly a great opportunity to offer a competing site. Even if you produce a steaming pile of shit, it’s going to be infinitely better than the current website.

NOTE: WORDPRESS itself is another example of how to break working. I type most of my blogs (in English) on a German Computer/IP to which I have very restricted admin rights (to make sure everything is up-to-date). I’m also unable to convince the page that I am typing in English and so the Software “thinks” it is helping me by capitalising letters which it recognises as German.

Very, very annoying, as it means I have to check, click and correct. And of course I always miss some words. I’ve left the “helpful automatic” changes in this (NOTE) section.

Also, more recently, because I am unable to Keep plug-ins up-to-date, I have to press ENTER twice to advance a paragraph, I am unable to double click to mark text (I have to click and drag the Cursor to mark the text). The menu Icons are never displayed but, thankfully, when the mouse is Held over where they are positioned a mini help Shows up to tell me what it is, so I can click it, although the ability to add and edit links has been removed (once again).

This all makes typing blog entries very, very very tedious!

I laugh in the face of all those who believe that self-driving cars are just around the Corner and, if they are, I’ll certainly be taking myself off the road to get out of harm’s way.








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