God Save Our Tommy

Down one of my many rabbit holes over the Weekend I stumbled across a link leading to the YouTube recording of Tommy Robinson’s Arrest on the 25th of May.I had no idea who Tommy Robinson was, which has the Advantage of not having any prejudice to the Scenes which unfolded before my eyes.

And I was shocked, sickened but not surprised as the England which I left, over 25 years ago, has warped into a monstrosity bordering on, if not already well into, Fascist territory.

So Long as you tow the state’s line, or cheer your favourite Football Team religiously, or waste your life liking someone’s photo of a meal they’ve made for your acquaintance’s friends daughter, you have nothing to fear.

And the fourth estate dominates the “News feed” (feed, how apt, a trough for the proles) so dictates their view of reality and Events. And even have the audacity to force the cattle to pay for their truths and force advertisement brainwashing on them to boot.

But any Deviation from the norm and the state, which never have Money or resources for roads, Services, Schools, mobilizes everything and is all over you like a particularly nasty rash.

From Walking along the street, talking into his mobile device, rather like 95% of the zombied Population, it went from Arrest (for breach of the peace) by three Police officers, court, media blackout (D-Notice – which was originally introduced to protect the state in a wartime Situation) and 13 months prison sentence within 6 hours!

The Speed and well-oiled Efficiency of this Action beggars belief. Court cases are renowned (maybe planned) to drag until they are forgotten, or to drag on as a media spectacle (O.J. Simpson and Oscar Pistorius – neither of which I followed but was astounded how Long they dragged on, and how much the media followed them).

The Speed and injustice (with no legal representation for the defendant) mocks any premise of innocent until proven guilty and pretty much defines the Expression, kangaroo court.

Of course, the state is employing the well-tried and tested method of nipping in the bud. Last employed, to my mind, when there were riots in London and various participants were marched in short order in front of the Courts which, for crimes as petty as stealing a bottle of water, handed out severe, indeed draconian, sentences (and I say that because that was my thought then, and that was well before I started my journey down the rabbit hole).

The effect, making an example of someone, is a tried and trusted method of keeping the masses under control. Rarely does it fail, the mutiny on the Bounty is an example of when it did.

A similar Thing after 911 with the over excessive security which still plagues airtravel today. Any dissenters or Jokers making references about “I have a bomb” quickly selected, punished and hung on the front page of all the media as a warning for all the other sheep.

I mailed the YouTube link to my sister, I’m not even sure if it was accessible in the UK, or taken down (or, lets call a spade a spade) deleted from existence, just like Winston Smith in Orwell’s dystopian Ministry of Truth, and moved on as I was down some other rabbit holes that day.

Apparently there were large protests in Downing street, misreported by the MSM as the Antics of drunken louts and, I have no doubt, that the state will successfully navigate this small hiccough, just as they have quickly let the Skripal lie be forgotten.

But the Event must have played on my sub-conscious because, during Training, I had to Keep stopping to take note of a flow of rants and they became the Basis of a new song.

I’m still in two minds about the title. “God Save Our Tommy” is more than likely my choice, as it alludes to “God Save The Queen”, but replacing the figurehead with the common man, “Our Tommy” is also a northern english affection as in my sister becomes “our sister”, so as to emphasise the stong bond and relationship. And “Tommy”, of course, is not only the Name of the state’s latest whipping Boy, but also refers to the english foot soldier/cannon fodder – the working class which the ruling elite are always so eager to see bleeding on their battlefields.

It reflects the UK’s sad state when a German, which recently took upon itself the Arrest of Catelonia’s Pudgemont, (Conservative) MP has stated Tommy should be given political asylum there. Of course, the AfD has been quick to raise the banner of awareness.

UPDATE: Here is a view from the System. If you read that and agree with it, and are not of the gentry, then perhaps you might want to re-read the Piece and imagine it is from a barrister from nazi Germany and Tommy a jew and references from this “Independent legal mind”, such as “knuckle-dragging” (which I now have to add to the Long list of things I apparently am) as “hook-nosed”. Of course, everything, from the Point of view of the state towards the law, is perfectly acceptable, even demeaning the jews, because it is “the law”. And we all know (hopefully) how that Experiment in Germany turned out.

The view from the red-pilled community is nicely summed up here.

A (legal) System which promotes itself as Independent and fair should and must actually be viewed by the majority of the Population as such and should evolve to Keep pace with said opinion and modern, changing times (for example smart phones and social media and not root itself into the bounds of a medieval past). We laugh at the stupidity of the Prohibition law, but a law it was for a Brief number of years.

Worse still, labelling an ever swelling number of disillusioned People as nazis and intellectually challenged doesn’t cut the mustard, especially when those suddenly being labelled as such definitely do not associate themselves with the said Group. Such a condescending manner then can only result in cementing the worries of the high-IQed knuckle-draggers, as they realise that the legal System, when represented by such bigotted independents, is actually a very real threat to anyone who doesn’t tow their view of the world.



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