Choir – birthday wishes

On what was a glorious sunny evening, with the temperature around 27 degrees at 19:30, members of the three local choirs gathered outside the home of one of their best, but Long retired, Patrons, Heinz Wesolowski.We did a test run with the birthday song and “O Täler” and then headed to his house and Yard where we sang the Songs again (acopela). For “Hallejuah” Silke sat behind her Keyboard but, when we started to sing, we discovered that we couldn’t hear her.

The five bass singers kept solidly together but I heard voices in alt and soprano missing their Timings and, in the phases where no one was singing, we discovered Silke was a few beats ahead or behind, in the song. I think if it had been sung for someone who hadn’t been a very active choir member, then we could have gotten away with it but there was no hiding the mistimings from a trained ear.

Having said that Heinz is quite old and, if we couldn’t hear the Keyboard, he almost certainly didn’t too and maybe his ears aren’t picking up the fine tones any more.

Whatever he heard he appreciated our efforts and he gave a small speech and we then performed “Kriminal Tango”. Sven had forgotten my blunderbuss so I didn’t have to wave it around and try to read the Music and Alex timed the puncturing of her balloon to perfection.

Afterwards we handed Heinz our signed Card and flowers and stayed for a glass or two of sparkling wine in the embers of the Setting sun.

Having talked to a few of the older choir members I then discovered a Little about Heinz and his greetings Card Emporium and the comment at Monday’s rehearsal, about whether the birthday Card we give Heinz should be “from him”, now makes sense.



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