Code Name: Oriental – Peggy Sue

A Directory of my car’s MP3 Player includes the FATE ALPHAs and I also placed Thomas’ ALPHA (code-named Oriental) there. It is the only ALPHA from Thomas to which I never wrote any lyrics.Having listened to the song quite often I decided that “Peggy Sue” (which I originally wrote last year) would possibly fit quite well and, after securing the vocal melody, I went about modifying the original song lyrics to fit Thomas’ ALPHA.

The end result of the lyrics is very pleasing and I’ll try to get the vocals down some time next week (this Weekend I’m off to Bremen to celebrate my father in-laws’ birthday). I also plan to deliver the (verse) lyrics in a softer, whispery tone and the (verse) metre is also much slower than most other ALPHAs.

In a break from my usual cloaking of vulgarity, “Peggy Sue” is quite open and in your face, as are probably all modern song lyrics, but, despite that, still veils a lot. The Name, for example, referring to “pegging”, where a woman fucks a man in the arse with a dildo, which is what the song is all about.

So, was Buddy Holly singing about him being fucked in the arse? Who knows? But one Thing I did learn was that Peggy (now a Name in itself) is derived from the diminutive of Margaret (Meggy to Peggy).


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