WildScreW CD – more hindsight

With the stress, at least initially, of upcoming ArztHosen concerts making way for upcoming week Long summer Holidays, I decided to Play the WildScreW CD whilst Training.I played through all the Songs and the break from listening, and the water that has flown under the Bridge since recording it, means that I have a less critical ear for things which really stuck out like sore thumbs initially.

I know they’re there but I no longer consider them so critical (I’m talking fractions of seconds and parts of words).

Whilst I was Training I even thought that it was certainly possible that David used parts of my vocal tracks from takes which I wouldn’t have used, although I’m also pretty certain he would only select the best to his impartial ears, but that is maybe not that which I’d want.

Regardless, I still think that “Untrue” and “Free Fall” are the third and second best Songs, I usually Play them both twice, and “Writing On The Wall” always gets multiple Plays to escort me to the end of my Training session.

I was talking to a very good friend, to whom I’d recently made a copy of all the ALPHAs, including the ones which made it to the CD so they could compare the whole process, about the CD and the discussion turned to me having to describe, despite them thinking the CD a very good production, what I feel is lacking.

Apart from the mistakes and things I’d now sing differently I stated that I consider the CD over produced. There are too many guitar tracks and a “thickness” to the whole that (although it is what every CD delivers and what the market expects) detracts from the rawness of the band. It is, in a way, too polished.

Having the discussion actually forced me to think about what had been irritating me and putting my finger on the Problem.

I made a mental note to insist that the next CD production (should I be financing it) will be more primitive and the 16+ guitar tracks will be reduced to a Minimum, ideally a straight doubling of the guitars, which means it should be quicker to produce and result in a more bare-bones and live Sound.

Erich’s immortal Phrase “We don’t Need to worry about (guitar) solos, we’ll do them in the Studio.” still regularly Comes to haunt him, the last time was last Friday, when I applied it sarcastically to him insisting we work on the backing vocals.

For my CD the solos will be worked out in advance and there will be no (nasty) surprises like the “Free Fall” solo which I now, admittedly, have in my head and associate with the song but, when I heard it in the Studio, it sounded worse than a cat’s Chorus.

I’d also like to record a couple of Songs which have not been “done to death”. I think the vocal parts which were created in the Studio (the “Untrue” C-part and the “Free Fall” Refrain have a noticeable freshness about them and the majority of the others are either tinged with Routine or struggling to break the Habit, because David has told me to sing a part differently and the old ways are too difficult to overcome.


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