WildScreW/FATE – The Beginning Of The End

Erich gave me a call as he wanted to gauge my reaction to what has been pretty much on the Cards for at least six months.I read yesterday, on the ArztHosen Chat, that Erich volunteered to move his (vocals) amp from the FATE practice room to the ArztHosen’s, as there had been a Major discussion about buying one, which ended with Erich volunteering the use of his.

It crossed my mind that, if he were to move the unit, then FATE rehearsals would be a pain in rear, as we’d have to move the unit to and from Locations and set it up (Speakers and all).

When Erich called in the afternoon I thus knew it was to ask about the band’s future and, Gentleman that he is, asked me if I’d be upset if he suggested the band break up.

Effectively our commitments are taking a toll but I’d always give priority to WildScreW/FATE, but that only makes sense if we were getting together regularly and working on new material. Because the time I have to spend on preparing new Songs for FATE is inordinately consuming (now having to lay down guitar tracks) and the resonance from the band is subdued, to say the least, then I (reluctantly) said I could understand the decision (I recommend we take a six month hiatus, to see what the Situation is then, rather than breaking apart for ever and a day) and that it was half-expected.

Erich plans to write a mail this evening and we’ll probably get together next week to talk the decision over.

As I said to Erich, the two-hour journey to the rehearsal room is also a chore which, unless there is a target the band is working towards, is time I can use otherwise.

The Name which I dubbed the WildScreW four, FATE, turned out to be very prophetic.

Maybe I can find a band to work on new material with which is just five minutes away from where I live …. maybe the break up will mean that fresh blood will come into Thomas’ remaining ALPHAs, should he decide to push their completion.


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